Vertmax is the vertical solution for the production of doors ,balustrades , structural glazing complete with all the internalmachining in a single integrated and automatic manufacturing process. Vertmax is able to perform the operations of grinding ,polishing , arrising, drilling, milling for furniture and/or structural glasses (straight and shaped) ensuring a high quality of finish, flexibility and productivity, changing easily from monolithic to laminated and also laminated Low-E glasses.


Two operating heads, one front and one rear, equipped with ISO 40 spindles, with automatic tool change and tool cooling system with internal and external water. The spindles are designed and manufactured by HSD, like Intermac part of the Biesse Group

Vertmax is the vertical solution for the production of doors, windows, parapets, structural glasses and related internal machining with a unique, integrated and automated working process. Vertmax is

Glass pilot system, reduces vibrations to the minimum and maintains the perfect centering of the tool during the machining of the glass, even when far away from the sealing area of the suction cups, ensuring a unprecedented quality of polishing in vertical machining of the glass.