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Máy Khoan Kính Series V

V Series are born from the careful analysis of the ever growing need of flexibility from the producers of structural glass, doors and also from the examination of the technological solutions today available in the [...]

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Máy Khoan Kính 2 Chiều Dạng Nằm FZ125/FZ125P

Pneumatic clamping, drilling on double sides, the up driller falling manually and  the down driller rising  automatically with hydraulic cushion.Models FZ125 is equipped with a pneumatic driving platform to support large size glass.

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Máy Khoan Kính Dạng Nằm Gió 1250/1250 CN

Busetti là thương hiệu chuyên chế tạo máy khoan kính, Máy khoan kính Busetti Gió 1250 với hai đầu khoan đối lập nhau là sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo cho các nhà gia công hướng đến [...]

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Máy Khoan Kính 2 Chiều Dạng Đứng

SLZ25 NC glass vertical drilling machine is controlled by computer. In actual operation, just put the glass on the transmission belt, input drilling position data, press the start button, the machine will automatically position itself [...]

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