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  • LBZ2700P-Technical-Parameters-of-2700-Line_6001

Dây Chuyền Sản Xuất Kính Hộp Cách Âm Cách Nhiệt LBZ-2700P

Main feature: 1. Advanced Germany technology, main components adopt international famous brand, reliable performance, powerful function. Can produce double unit, LOW-E unit, extended unit, shaped unit, stepped unit, triple unit and so on 2. The line [...]

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  • may-chong-rung-bom-keo

Máy Chống Đông Sung Bơm Keo.

Power Voltage(V) 380 Frequency(Hz) 50 Total Power kW 3.8 Max. Heating Temperature ℃ 70 Max. Refrigerating Temperature ℃ -40 Weight kg ≈100 Dimension L×W×H(mm) 1400×600×1000 Capacity L 40

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  • may-nap-khi-argon

Máy Nạp Khí Argon

Main technical parameters: Power (Voltage / Frequency) 220V 50HZ Total Power 0.1KW Maximum size of insulating glass 1600*1800mm Electric control cabinet Size 620*439*700mm

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  • may-bom-keo

Máy Bơm Keo Hai Thành Phần Bịt Kín

Technique Data:  Mixed rate 6:1-14:1  Rated pressure admission 0.5-0.8Mpa  Max. sealant flow 4L/min  A pump pressure plate size φ570mm  B pump pressure plate size φ280mm  Air consumption 800L/min  [...]

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  • ban-xoa-kinh

Bàn Xoay Để Kính Khi Bơm Keo

Main feature: 1. rotated deasil and anticlockwise configuration, easy to operate. 2. different size of insulating glass can be processed. Main technique parameter Valtage: 380V, 50Hz Power: 0.37kw Min, glass size: 400X400mm Max. glass size: [...]

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  • may-treo-khung-cu-nhom

Máy Treo Khung Cử Nhôm

Technical Parameters Item Unit Value Power supply Voltage V 380 Frequency Hz 50 Installed power Kw 0.18 Outline dimension 2520mm x 3544mm x 3000mm Total weight 300kg

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  • bơm keo butyl hai mặt

Máy Tự Động Bơm Keo Butyl Hai Mặt Thanh Cử Nhôm

■Touch-Screen operation,which makes the machine sunple and practical ■Stable temperature and it is convenient to adjust the sealing material automatically ■according to the changed coating speed ■Recognize the aluminum spacer size automatically

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  • LJGZ2020A

Máy Tự Động Nạp Hạt Hút Ẩm LJGZ2020A

■Germany Siemens PLC Control System ■Touching Screen Interface, Simple and Visible ■Fill for Bended Frame and Connecter Frame ■Auto Desiccant Loading Function ■Filling Time can be Adjusted ■Auto drilling, Filling and Sealing Function ■Directly use [...]

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  • LJZW2020A

Máy Tự Động Đo, Cắt Và Uốn Thanh Cử Nhôm LJZW2020A

■Germany Siemens PLC Control System ■Japan Fuji CNC Servo Control System ■Four Spacer Size Storage units ■Optional for Different Specification and Size Aluminum Spacer ■Auto Spacer Connecting and Cutting Function ■Automatically Avoid the Connection While [...]

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