I. Brief introduction of technology:

FUSHAN FSM20D Glass Straight Line Double Edger (20 wheels) is suitable for grinding the straight line double edging of flat glass. Coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing can be done at one time. And the machine has stable structure, precise and smooth transmission system, advanced configuration control system and super-size processing capacity, It is suitable for the furniture glass and architecture glass.

Technical features: Bottom structure be welded together by steel system and treated by artificial ageing. The width of the bottom structure can be adjusted by double straight line rolling glide sub-support, Double ball screw rod transmission, Speed adjusted in sections by trans-frequency.

1. Processing transmission device adopts trans-frequency speed control system, it can clamp the roll wheel and driving synchronized.

2. The parameters for processing can be adjusted automatically and the machine has supervision control function for glass width, thickness, chamfer angle, transmission speed, polishing wheel in and out, glass fixed position and etc.. Full course of processing can be finished automatically.

4. the machine can coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing, 45°chamfer edge grinding and polishing.

5. Noises Not exceeding 80 (dBa)

II. Configuration of grinding wheels scheme:

1. Quantity for spindles :20(2+2+2+4)

2. Grinding speed :1~8m/min(adjustment)

3. Speed of Closing and opening for moving beam :5m/min

4. Glass thickness :3~19mm

5. Glass width :220~4200mm

6. Parrel tolerance for glass:±0.3mm/m

7. Diagonal tolerance for glass:≤0.5mm/m

8. Total installation power:about 48Kw

9. Power supply:3 phase,4 line 380V/50Hz

10. Air supply:0.6~0.8MPa

11. Configuration of wheels :

1# rough grinding wheel,3Kw motor(2840rpm)、diamond wheel 2# fine