The silvering production line made by ore manufactory adopts the chemical plating method,i.e., plating sliver catong, brass coating, and then painting one or two coats of lacquering coating.


ln this production line the glass is cleaned through the entrance-end, and is plated silver, brass, and then painted, toasted, whioch is finished within one time, The whole productioon line is controlled by computer, and the key units are all foreign famousbrand products, which ensures the line,s working stability and reliability and meanuhile make sure to produce the high-quality fiost–class silvered glass.



  1. Proness: wash Silvering Brass Coating Painting baking Pasinting Baking Washing checking
  2. Max Coating Dimension:2500*3600mm
  3. Silvering Speed: 2.3.5m/min
  4. Heatomh by quartz infrared heatong pipe. There is a reflect cover on each heating pipe
  5. The speed of each part is run by frequency conversiion motor. The running speed can bea adjusted on the color screen.