YINRUI is the world’s leading manufacturer in terms of manufacturing scale, production line of manufactured equipment, synchronous use of software and hardware systems to ensure good compatibility and ensure all equipment lines are shipped. All are operated smoothly, durable, stable, accurate and efficient.

Throughout its history, YNIIRUI GROUP has always placed a strong emphasis on investing in R&D to ensure its position as a technology leader and industry trend leader. glass industry in the world.

Although still maintaining the leading position in the research and manufacturing of CNC glass cutting lines, YINRUI GROUP over the years has always been a leader in research and development of intelligent vertical, horizontal, multi-storey logistics systems, CNC glass cutting line with CNC laser engraving function, along with the world’s leading modern intelligent operation control system integrated and has developed a wide variety of equipment lines in the direction of technology. smart green.

In Vietnam, we have very special customers, such as Hai Long Glass Corporation & Viet Nhat Safety Glass – VSG – No. 1 in Vietnam and the largest in the North of Vietnam, who purchased nearly 20 YINRUI glass cutting CNC lines. During the past 20 years, we have also supplied hundreds of cutting lines and fast intelligent glass loading and unloading machines throughout Vietnam, especially dozens of YINRUI equipment in the largest factory in the South. Vietnam – Thien Phu Company, dozens of YINRUI equipment at the largest factory in Central Vietnam – Dai Duong Kinh Company.

And most recently, we have supplied and delivered the ANTHONY – YINRUI automatic CNC Loading-Cutting-Split glass line with the largest size in the world at the CFG float glass factory.

100% of customers in Vietnam are absolutely satisfied with quality, technology, accuracy, durability, smoothness and after-sales responsibility for many years.