The line is designed with 2 fans of different capacities, which can produce glass from 6-19mm using a small capacity fan to reduce noise and save electrical energy, and a large capacity fan to produce thinner glass. When the machine has an error with 1 of the 2 fans or 1 of the 2 inverters of the 2 fans, normal production can still be maintained.

Continuing its reputation for quality and outstanding technology along with the warm welcome of Vietnamese investors, PHU SON Corporation has continued to receive many contracts to supply and transfer a series of automatic lines. produce YUEGAO tempered glass right in 2023 and 2024.

With capacity, more than 20 years of experience and perfect professional qualifications, PHU SON Corporation HN and HCM engineers are always 100% proactive in installation, training, technology transfer and after-sales work 24 hours a day. /24h without the presence of any expert engineers from the manufacturer. This helps ensure progress, installation quality and after-sales quality are carried out immediately 24/7 in a professional and effective manner under any circumstances. All bring maximum benefit and value to customers, manufacturers and suppliers.