PHU SON Corporation HCM delivered the automatic loading – CNC cutting – breaking YINRUI glass production line at NPK GLASS factory

Glass cutting CNC machine is equipped with:

Fully automatic control CNC + industrial computer

Cutting size: 4200 x 2800mm

Glass thickness 3-19mm,

Cutting speed: 200m/min.

Error: +/- 0.15mm/2000mm.

YINRUI is China’s No. 1 manufacturer in terms of technology, quality, and output of CNC glass cutting lines, and is the world’s No. 1 in terms of CNC glass cutting line manufacturing output.

YINRUI is the only manufacturer in China that signs an exclusive contract to buy the copyright of cutting software from Optima – Italy, and is the only manufacturer in China to use cutting software and optimization software simultaneously. Patented form of Optima – Italy, so the machine operation is really stable, smooth, durable, fast cutting speed and error equivalent to machines made in Italy.

The machine has a 3-way design, the C-axis is completely independent and rotates without limit for fast curved cutting (normal machines will not have an independent C-axis design, so when cutting the curve, the speed will be slow and the cutting head will be damaged. dragging down the glass, not automatically rotating according to the cutting request).

There is a belt that automatically receives the glasses from the glass loading robot and automatically transfers the glasses to the glass breaking table.

With positioning at 0 point and automatic positioning by Lazer, it is possible to place the glass sheet anywhere on the cutting table to be able to shape the cutting accurately and help the 2-layer glass cutter to be accurate when cutting face 1 and then moving. Transfer and flip the cross section 4.

Computers using Windows XP 10 are very convenient in terms of interface and friendly use, making it easy for users to operate and control like an office computer and can be completely repaired and replaced in Vietnam.

Includes the full suite of optimization software Iedit, sticker maker software (with built-in tools for glass fabricator logo and brand design, customer name or code, order properties, bar code or QR code, software to import data from Excel file or Text file).