PHU SON Corporation HCM installs a two-component glue pump robot producing TENON energy-saving sound-insulated glass boxes at the THIEN PHU GLASS factory.

TENON with the superior technology and quality of equipment lines, product quality of box glass always meets the highest standards and meets the most rigorous technical requirements for the high-rise glass wall. , always trusted by investors, design consultants, main contractors, supervision consultants, glass wall erection contractors.

HAI LONG GLASS and VIET NHAT SAFETY GLASS (VSG) belong to Hai Long Glass Group, VIGLACERA Corporation, factories of EUROWINDOW, THIEN PHU GLASS, CAG … continuously trust and trust to choose many self-service lines. TENON’s glass box manufacturing activities for many years.

The automatic glue pump robot ordered by THIEN PHU GLASS is a large format machine with the latest generation technology in 2020 with many special special features (including 1-compartment glass box glue pump, 2-compartment glass box completely self-contained According to the advanced independent principle, the left-right staggered glass glue pump, the staggered top-bottom, the staggered center … are the functions that only TENON has in the world). Perfect quality products for all facades of high-rise glass buildings require super-demanding technical conditions to ensure durability and safety during decades of enclosing buildings under The extreme direct weather is sunny, rainy, hot, cold, windy and stormy.

With many years of independent practical experience, actively installing, transferring and after-sales professionally a lot of automatic glass box production lines, along with well-trained from TENON, PHU engineers. SON Corporation can fully perform the installation, training, technology transfer and after-sales professionally without the presence of expert engineers of manufacturers, helping to ensure the installation speed and speed, and the handling of any 24h / 7-day after-sale requirements, has been highly appreciated by the manufacturer and trusted by customers nationwide for more than 20 years of development.