PHU SON Corporation operates a trial production of double pressing function to produce oversized insulated glass by YBKE automatic insulated glass production line with size 1800x3300mm at HUNG VINH GLASS factory.

Lines are designed and manufactured with outstanding features:

* High technology

* The best quality

* Many preeminent features

* Modern industrial design

* The investment budget is extremely reasonable

* 2 times pressing function for automatic oversize insulated glass production

* Automatic 3-layer insulated glass pressing function (2 vacuum compartments)

* Producing insulated glass with materials such as low.e glass and soft coated solar control

* Insulated glass products are manufactured with perfect quality, specializing in all-glass facades of high-rise buildings, requiring super strict technical conditions to ensure durability and safety for many decades under the direct harshness of natural weather, sunny, rainy, hot, cold, windy, stormy.