PHU SON Corporation installed the automatic production line of BLUETECH high-grade safety laminated glass at DAI DUONG GLASS factory.

PHU SON Corporation, with more than 20 years of experience along with the supply of many automatic production lines for safety laminated glass across the country, has cooperated with the world’s leading manufacturers to analyze, build develop plans, solutions and successfully test them to come up with perfect designs and solutions to build next-generation lines with many features, technologies, components and technical know-how that have helped ensure:

* Eliminates the risk of moldy dirt remaining from the coating powder or paper backing on the surface of the glass to make the finished glass super clear.

* Super fast production speed helps super large output, minimizing production costs.

* High-tech production line system with accurate and standard structure helps to produce horizontal glass panels, shortening nearly 30% of production time for each glass panel.

* Glass robot is positioned by laser and optical sensor (removing the function of positioning by stop bar), moving by servo motor & driver and sliding by gear according to the operating principle of CNC machine, lifting and lowering according to the principle of CNC machine. vertical and fully automatic control via PLC & liquid crystal display to create perfect matching 4-sided precision magnifying glasses.

* The intelligent operating mechanism helps the glass panels to be loaded continuously and always maintains dozens of glass panels stretching from the beginning to the end of the line, and the speed is always intelligently variable to help the glass panels increase quickly either slow down or stop at each compartment and every moment in accordance with the intelligent operating mechanism.

* Create hot heat by infrared rays with heat emission, heat penetrates quickly and evenly, low surface heat of glass panels.

* Heat circulation convection technology helps heat penetrate quickly, improve energy saving efficiency, uniform heat penetration of glass and improve production efficiency, especially optimized for production of laminated tempered glass and laminated glass whose raw material is soft coated low.e glass.

***** Especially, the price of the previous company was out of reach due to high technology and No. 1 position, but now, after many negotiation efforts, the company’s one-line investment budget has reached the threshold. extremely attractive to any investor.