PHU SON Corporation HN completed installation, commissioning, training, and technology transfer of automatic CNC Loading – Cutting – Breaking ANTHONY – YINRUI super large format glass at CFG float glass factory.

The line with the largest glass cutting size in the world in terms of width, length and thickness will help CFG to cut raw glass sheets from super-large glass warehouses according to customers’ orders. .

With the capacity, experience of more than 20 years and perfect qualifications, engineers of PHU SON Corporation HN and HCM are always 100% proactive in installation, training, technology transfer and after-sales work 24 /24h without the presence of any specialist engineers from the manufacturer. This helps to ensure that the progress and quality of installation and quality of after-sales are done immediately 24/7 in a professional and efficient manner under any conditions. All bring maximum benefits and value to customers, manufacturers and suppliers themselves.