PHU SON Corporation HCM completed the installation and delivery of HISENG glass edge polishing machine at PHONG PHU GLASS factory. The machine is designed with completely new and modern technology: * The machine is controlled by PLC + liquid crystal display * 20 ABB grinding head motors. * 3 servo motors + 3 drivers (the machine is equipped with 2 servo motors for conveyor motion and 1 servo motor for ultra-fast glass plate width change – 8 times faster than normal). * The center bridge is always automatically positioned in the middle when changing the width of the glass to ensure that the glass is always flat without human intervention. * The upper conveyor belt is specially designed to not scratch the soft coating of Low.E glass and soft plated energy saving glass. * The lower conveyor belt is designed in a very wide and very thick standard version especially for industrial production, which is stable, precise and durable. * The machine is equipped with 2 suction systems to ensure that no water is splashed on the surface of the glass when grinding to prevent absolutely acidic water from sticking to the surface of the glass, making it difficult to clean before tempered and keep the working environment clean and dry in the production area. * The machine is equipped with double groove helix shafts and HIWIN rails to ensure absolute stability, durability and accuracy. * All electrical and electronic components, central control cabinet connection system according to European standards – CE, ensuring high standards and absolute stability. *** The product is beautiful, sharp and uniform on all 4 edges