PHU SON Corporation completed the installation and transfer of an automatic production line for soundproof, heat-insulating, energy-saving box glass with YBKE large-format online argon gas filling technology at SomVang Glass factory (maximum glass size: 2500 x 3660mm , glass box with 1 compartment (2 layers of glass), 2 compartments (3 layers of glass), glass materials can be low.e glass and soft-coated solar control). This is the largest and most modern boxed glass production line in Laos.

Flat pressing process to create a glass box (including (1) super-fast automatic online argon gas filling function, (2) super argon gas-saving design with a soft bar structure operated by servo motor to ensure a tight seal) fits tightly along the length of each glass panel to help accurately fill the amount of argon gas and save the maximum amount of argon gas, (3) argon gas when loaded is displayed in real time on the screen, (4) flat pressed structure using servo motors through 4 double groove helical shafts at 4 corners helps create flat glass boxes with all 4 sides and exact overall glass box thickness according to the technical requirements of the production order. The line is centrally controlled through via PLC and liquid crystal display.

PHU SON Corporation and its partners who are the world’s leading manufacturers of glass processing production lines would like to thank you for your trust in choosing, sincere and open cooperation and absolute satisfaction with quality. , technology & techniques of equipment and product lines as well as people from the Board of Directors and all employees of Som Vang Glass factory. Wishing the SomVang Glass brand sustainable development and prosperity, still and forever number 1 in the country of a million elephants.