PHU SON Corporation HCM installed the 2nd automatic line of Loading-Cutting-Breaking INTERMAC made in Italy at the VIKING GLASS factory. With a strategic partnership since 2005 with INTERMAC Italy, PHU SON Corporation has been completely independent in the installation, training, training, technology transfer and a perfect after-sales without any presence. of engineers and experts from manufacturers for hundreds of INTERMAC equipment lines throughout the provinces of Vietnam during the past 15 years.

INTERMAC Genius 61 CT-A CNC cutting machine includes outstanding features:

– Fully automatic CNC control + industrial computer

– Cutting size: 6100 x 3350mm – Glass thickness 2-19mm, – Cutting speed: 200m / min. Accuracy: +/- 0.15mm / 2000mm.

– The 3-way design machine, completely independent C-axis rotates unlimitedly for fast curvature cutting (conventional machines will not have an independent C-axis design, so when curving cutting will run slow and the cutting head will being dragged down the glass, not automatically rotated according to the cut request). The 6-point automatic cutter change center helps the machine automatically choose the right cutter for each thickness and instantly cuts straight or polymorphic cuts without the need for human factors.

– There is a belt that automatically accepts glasses from the glass loading robot and automatically switches the glasses to the glass breaker table.

– It is possible to cut the decal and paste on the glass so that the machinist can cut any elaborate pattern, then peel off the negative part and sandblasting or chemical treatment to create perfect artwork. .

– There is a copy function to help the cutter copy any product model and then reload the cutting design so that the machine cuts 100% of the finished product with the sample according to the customer’s order.

– With position at point 0 and automatic positioning by Lazer, it is possible to place the glass plate anywhere on the cutting table, and it can precisely cut the cutters and help the 2-layer glass cutter accurately cut the first side. Move and flip cross section 4.

– Computers using Window XP – Win 10 are very convenient in terms of interface and user-friendly way for users to easily operate and control like an office computer and can be completely repaired and replaced in Vietnam. . Includes Iedit optimization package, sticker creation software (with tools available for the glass processor’s logo and brand design, customer name or code, order nature, barcode or QR code, software to import data from Exel files or Text format files).

– Machinery made in Italy.