The machine has many differences:

· Technology Benteler Italy

· PLC control through liquid crystal display all features

· Super-fast working speed controlled by inverter, suitable for connecting with super-fast grinding machines or continuously washing a batch of many glasses quickly and then letting workers go to other jobs and make no noise for the factory

· Super clean and super dry quality

· Wash low.e glass and soft-coated solar control

· Water heating function controlled by PLC through the screen

· Air heating function controlled by PLC through the screen

· The noise level is very much lower than the standard

· Double-sided water absorption function to remove stains before the glass enters the washing chamber, helping to speed up washing but more perfect washing quality.

· Raise the entire cutting board above 400mm, convenient for maintenance, cleaning and replacement of components

· Body pedestal upper and lower core die-cast aluminum monolithic

· Body frame and base legs are made of high-strength thick steel folding 100% of the water contact points are made of stainless steel

· Advanced design prevents the entire ball system from being infiltrated by water to increase longevity. High-pressure fan is equipped with an inverter (Option) to help start smooth, save energy, increase durability and reduce noise when drying glass.

· High-pressure fan automatically shuts off when there is no glass in the machine to reduce noise and save power

· The machine is beautifully designed, modern and suitable for heavy industrial production, stable, fast operation, smooth and durable.

· Very competitive investment budget.