Application Fields:

Architecture&Furniture, Automobile Industries, Household Appliances and Solar Power Industries, etc.

Heating Mode:

CycloneTM convection technology

Glass can be Tempered:

On-line and Off-line Low-E (E=0.02) Glass, Ultra Clear Glass, Screen Printed Glass, Pattern Glass, Tinted Glass, Clear Glass, etc.

Product Introduction

As various coated glasses, especially the online and offline low-E glass, are being used more and more extensively in the building industry, JetConvectionTM series tempering furnaces introduced by LandGlass have been winning high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets and heralded as efficient equipment in tempering high end glass products by glass processing companies. In 2015, LandGlass introduced a brand new series of forced convection tempering furnace, i.e. CycloneTM series, which achieved significant improvement in terms of product quality, productivity, energy saving, intelligent control, and wireless connection.

Technical Features

Five Advantages:

1. Outstanding Quality

The quality of the tempered glass produced by LandGlass CycloneTM is improved significantly with the application of the leading CycloneTM convection technology, isothemTM technology and GeniusCoolTM technology.

2. High Productivity

LandGlass CycloneTM can increase the productivity by 40% when tempering double-silver and triple-silver Low-E glass.

3. Low energy Consumption With its leading energy-saving technologies, LandGlass CycloneTM can reduce The energy consumption by 10%, compared with the standard convection tempering furnace.

4. Intelligent Control

Automatic production can be realized by LandGlass CycloneTM with its eAdaptTM system and eVisionTM technology.

5. Wireless Connection

Safe and stable running can be guaranteed by its remote control and message notification system.

Eight Technologies

1. CycloneTM Convection Technology

CycloneTM convection technology is for high efficiency of heat transfer in heating furnace and for the best quality tempered glass from float glass to double-silver and triple-silver Low-E glass.

2. IsoThermTM Technology

IsoThermTM technology enhances the evenness of the thermal field and is for the mosteven heating ever done in a tempering furnace.

3. GeniusCoolTM Technology

GeniusCoolTM achieves unbelievable even quenching and cooling pressure for most even stress distribution.

4. StraightEdgeTM Technology

StraightEdgeTM technology effectively eliminates the edge kink and lifts the optical quality to highest level.

5. EnergySaveTM Technology

EnergySaveTM dynamically adjust power output in quenching and cooling processes, and lower power consumption remarkably.

6. ThermoLockTM Technology

ThermoLockTM technology increases the thermal resistance of the furnace walls, and minimizes the heat loss out during operation.

7. eVisionTM Technology

eVisionTM scans sizes, shapes and quantities of the glass sheets and transfers datum to control system, which allows for easier operation.

8. eAdaptTM System

eAdaptTM technology makes digital production come true, and largely reduce the dependence on professional skill of the operator. 

The best matched parameters can be selected automatically according to the analysis results based on the data transferred by the detectors at the loading table.

② It can adjust the cooling time and air pressure and detect the temperature of the glass surface automatically. The blower will stop blowing once the glass reaches the temperature at which it is ready to be unloaded.

③ It reduces the dependence on professional skill of the operator.

Technical Parameters

LD-Cyclone Series Convection Glass Tempering Furnace
LD-CycloneTM 5 mm Clear Glass 5 mm Low-E Glass
Product Quality Waviness≤0.1 Waviness≤0.12
Productivity (Loads/h) 21 18
Power Consumption 3.5 – 3.7 kWh / 3.75 kWh/
eAdaptTM System Digital production has been realized according to China National Industrial Standard 4.0.
Customer Case
Company Wuhua Tianbao Glass Co., Ltd (Hebei)
Location Hebei,China
Company Profile Wuhua Tianbao Glass Co., Ltd (Hebei), located in Gu’an industrial park in Hebei Province, is affiliated with Beijing Wuhua Tianbao Glass Co., Ltd (WHTB Glass) which is one of the leading provider of
processed glass products, working on the transformation and upgrading of glass processing industry. Wuhua Tianbao Glass Co., Ltd (Hebei), has introduced the cutting-edge glass processing equipment and glass process software. At present, Wuhua Tianbao Glass Co., Ltd (Hebei) owns two glass tempering lines which can temper triple-silver Low-E glass with an annual processing capacity of 1,500,000 m2. The main products include post-temperable Low-E, insulated glass units, tempered glass covering lot of fields, like architecture, military and industrial glass.
Furnace Type LD-Cyclone Series Convection Glass Tempering Furnace
Main Products Low-E glass, Insulated glass, safety glass , etc