PHU SON Corporation HN installed a 48-head glass polishing line with super-fast speed, intelligent operation, HISENG + super-fast BLUTECH glass washer at TAN NHAT MINH GLASS factory (DUC THANG Corporation)

QR code or barcode shooting function and fully automatic operation of the whole line

The QR code (and bar code) gun set integrates with intelligent control software to ensure consecutive receipt of work orders in order with multiple orders at the same time to automatically adjust the data of both machines and tapes. transmission.

When the glass is in machine 2 and the following plates have the same size, they will be automatically transferred to continuous grinding

When the glass is in machine 2 and another glass of different size arrives, the back plate will automatically stop at the position in front of machine 2 so that when machine 2 finishes grinding that plate, machine 2 will automatically adjust to change the speed width. super fast and get that glass into the machine right away

When the glass is in machine 2 and a different size glass comes, the back plate will automatically stop at the position in front of machine 2 and the next plate will not collide with that plate.

If the glass is in machine 1 but the front plate must stop at the transmission, the plate in machine 1 will continue to grind until the last sensor of machine 1 will stop completely automatically to maintain the most optimal working speed and Do not cause the glass panels to collide with each other.

The machine has 3 mechanisms to input data for work orders: (1) automatically by the barcode reader, (2) if the barcode reader or the transmission line fails, it can be entered manually through the code system’s command door. bar code, with these two data entry methods, the machine executes production orders completely automatically like the one in the above barcode, and (3) enters data through the manual command door like automatic lines through the bar code. Normally, the line will operate according to the usual mechanism that the glass will not automatically stop when the front glass is caught.

The most obvious advantage of the data system controlled by the barcode reader: (i) The machine automatically selects the polishing or rough grinding mode, (ii) Absolutely no confusion, (iii) saves time. , (iv) self-regulating system for continuous loading and loading of the glass panels together without the glass panels never hitting each other at any point on both machines and conveyors to improve efficiency. efficiency, optimization and science in production.

When the glass is in the machine, it is not possible to adjust the movable pedestal to change the width of the glass panel to help the transport chain be completely safe.

PLC control + liquid crystal display 48 ABB . grinding head motors

The movement of 2 pairs of conveyors by 2 servo motors + 2 Schineider or Innovance drivers helps to ensure the absolute accuracy of the working speed and is convenient for connecting other automatic line-operated systems with the machine.

Horizontal movement by 1 servo motor + 1 Schineider or Innovance driver is extremely fast and accurate to shorten waiting time when changing the glass width.

The supporting roller frame is always automatically centered when changing the glass panel width

The design of the brush to wash the surface of the upper load is to eliminate the risk of the glass being stuck on the surface of the conveyor, causing damage to the glass surface.

Double-groove spiral shaft for precise operation and long-term durability

The above 2 belt conveyors are specially designed for grinding Low.E glass and other energy-saving glass with soft coating and help prevent water from reaching the glass surface.

Electrical connection system and all electronic components according to European standards – CE.

The machine already has tools available for future investment needs to connect into a high-tech line, including an automatic table for measuring dimensions and thickness (machines 1 and 2 receive data and align at high speed). fully automatic).

· BLUETECH large format fast speed glass washing and drying machine has many differences:

· Technology Benteler Italy

· PLC control through liquid crystal display all features

· Super fast working speed controlled by inverter, suitable for connecting with super fast grinding machines or continuously washing a batch of many glasses quickly and then letting workers go to other work and make no noise for the factory

Super clean and super dry quality

· Wash low.e glass and soft-coated solar control

· PLC controlled water heating function through the screen

· Function of air heating controlled by PLC through the screen

– The function of self-adjusting the thickness according to the barcode reader from the input of the automatic parallel glass grinding line

· Noise level is much lower than standard

· The double-sided water absorption function removes stains before the glass enters the washing chamber to help speed up washing but more perfect washing quality.

· Raise the entire cutting board above 400mm, convenient for maintenance, cleaning and replacement of components

· Body pedestal upper and lower core die-cast aluminum monolithic

· Body frame and base legs are made of high-strength thick steel folding

100% of the water contact points are made of stainless steel

· Advanced design prevents the entire ball system from being infiltrated by water to increase longevity.

– High pressure fan automatically shuts off when there is no glass in the machine to reduce noise and save energy