Genius CT-RED - 01Genius CT-RED is a series of machines designed based on the standards of CNC cutting machines for cutting straight glass and super-large polymorphs. One of the revolutionary technology innovations on this series is that it is controlled by a Windows interface computer, providing users with convenient, connected and easy-to-use proven proven policies for Worldwide customers of Intermac. Genius CT-RED is a versatile machine with modular programming programs that fully meet the needs of large, medium and small-sized processors.

Genius CT-RED - 02

INTERMAC Genius CT-RED cutting head

Genius CT-RED is equipped with a high-tech cutting head in combination with an automatic cutting control system. This device has the effect of controlling the stolen pressure of the glass cutter from the beginning to the end of the cutting process, automatically adjusting the cutting pressure based on the shape of the cut line. The computer with the speed control function of the spindles, together with the high-quality mechanical and electrical equipment, optimizes the cutting time, providing flexibility and continuity for the operation of the machine.

  Genius CT-RED - 03 Operating system INTERMAC Genius CT-RED Genius CT-RED brings a whole new technology in the field of glass cutting machine which is IWNC digital control integrated with personal computers running Windows interface. With a Windows-based PC, Genius CT-RED brings high technology, ease of use, intuitiveness and provides connectivity to the worldwide network. Computers are equipped with CD-ROM, 3.5 ” modem and network card, 15 ” color screen ” and Windows XP. Computer modems and remote service software allow remote machine diagnostics, as well as software upgrades or changes, without the need to stand directly. At the same time, this technology also allows the webcam to be connected to the computer, saving time sending pictures or data to the warranty and after-sales department of Intermac. 3-dimensional design machine, C-axis completely independent rotation unlimited for fast cutting curve (conventional machines will not have independent C-axis design so when the curved cut will run slowly and the cutting head will be strokes down the glass, not automatically rotate according to cutting requirements). The machine has a fully automatic function to print and label the contents of the order, the logo and the brand of the glass manufacturer, the name or customer identification number, the order nature, the barcode or the QR code. The machine has the function of grinding the low.e plating layer in the form of a grinding wheel or brush The machine has a 6-point tool change center that makes it possible to change the cutter according to the thickness of each cutting order and according to the requirements of straight cutting or bending on each glass plate completely automatically. The machine can cut plotter glued on glass so that the processor can cut any sophisticated pattern, then peel off the negative part and sandblast or process with chemicals to form perfect glass art works. . The machine has an automatic belt that accepts the glass from the glass feeding robot and automatically converts the glass to the glass separator table, creating a fully automatic line of glass loading-cutting-breaking. The machine has a copy function that helps the cutter copy the pattern of any product and then reload the cutting style so that the finished product cutter is 100% true to the sample product ordered by the customer. The machine has a positioning at point 0 and automatic positioning with Lazer, so that it can place the glass sheet anywhere on the cutting table to be able to accurately shape the cutting and help the 2-layer glass cutter to be accurate when cutting face 1 move and flip section 4. Includes full Iedit optimization software package, sticker creation software (with tools available for glass and logo design by glass outsourcer, customer name or customer code, order nature, barcode or QR code, software to import data from Exel file or Text file format). Machine made in Italy.