HISENG is a corporation that only focuses on researching, designing, manufacturing and always leading in the technology of automatic 4-sided glass polishing line with many outstanding features that other manufacturers do not have.

At the international exhibition of glass technology CHINA GLASS 2021, HISENG continues to display and introduce a line that automatically measures and automatically feeds data of glass panels into a fast 4-sided polishing system with 48 grinding heads. There are 24 coarse-fine-fine grinding heads equipped with 24 Vth generation independent automatic stone compensation servomotors.

PHU SON Corporation is a strategic partner with a good and long-lasting cooperation relationship with HISENG during the past 15 years with the result of hundreds of 4-sided glass polishing lines provided and transferred by PHU SON Corporation all over the world. Vietnam is evaluated by Vietnamese investors with absolute plus points, in which many investors have continuously chosen equipment lines manufactured by HISENG.

Right in this second quarter of 2021, we will experience the practical experience of a fast-speed 4-sided glass polishing line with 48 grinding heads with a large 90-degree rotating straight conveyor belt manufactured by HISENG and manufactured by PHU SON Corporation HN supplied and delivered at GP1 factory with many traditional 4-sided polishing lines of HISENG in all provinces and cities of Vietnam.