PHU SON Corporation HN completed the installation and transfer of automatic production line of soundproof insulated glass with online argon gas filling technology and used low-E glass and soft-coated solar-control glass as the raw materials. YBKE quantity at HOANG LONG GLASS factory.

Sincere thanks to the owners and staff of Thanh Tam Company for always trusting and choosing PHU SON Corporation as the supplier and technology transfer of all synchronous tempered glass production lines in 2017 and 2021. continued to choose PHU SON Corporation as a supplier of equipment lines for the strategy of upgrading technology, expanding production, doubling production capacity, applying scientific production management process by code QR and invest more in equipment and technology lines to produce new products.

Wish the brand HOANG LONG GLASS continue to develop prosperously and sustainably, wish the partnership between the two companies to continue to be close, durable and effective.