PHU SON Corporation HCM delivered the HISENG 2020 parallel grinding machine and conveyor belt to install and connect with the HISENG parallel grinding machine provided in 2016 to form an automatic four-edge glass polishing line at BAO TRAN GLASS factory.

The machine is equipped with many preeminent features and only HISENG has:


• 2 control screens for the whole line or individual control of each machine.

• 40 ABB grinding head motors.

• 6 servo motors + 6 SCHINEIDER drivers (the machine is equipped with 4 servo motors for conveyor movement and 2 servo motors for changing the width of the glass panels at an extremely fast speed – 8 times faster than normal) .

• Wireless barcode reader helps the machine automatically receive production orders with the feature of automatically changing thickness, length, width, grinding or roughing completely automatically.

• The center bridge is always automatically positioned in the middle when changing the width of the glass to ensure that the glass is always flat without any adjustment.

• The upper conveyor is specially designed to not scratch the soft coating of Low.E glass and energy-saving soft coating glass.

• The conveyor belt is designed to be very wide and very thick in the standard plate, especially for industrial production, stability, precision and durability.

• The machine is equipped with 4 suction systems to ensure no splashing of water on the surface of the glass plate when grinding, which helps to prevent the acidic water from adhering to the surface of the glass sheet, making it difficult to wash before tempering and keep the working environment clean and dry at the production area.

• The machine is equipped with double groove compaction axes and HIWIN sliding rails ensure stability, durability and absolute accuracy.

• All electrical components, electronics, centralized control cabinet connection system follow European standards – CE, ensuring high standards and absolute stability.

• The shaft protection panels are made of thick, shiny, heavy-duty industrial stainless steel that can withstand the impact weight and does not rust the water.

• The water tanks, plumbing, contact panels are made of high-quality industrial stainless steel that is beautiful and ensures not to rust the water.

***** The beautiful glossy product evenly on all 4 sides